Makeup Competition 2014 - Winners

Champion - Tebby Tan Kim Siong

(Sense & Style Beauty)

以 Rise of the Guardians 里面的 Tooth fairy 角色为主的设计,运用大量 Summer(夏天)的颜色,以海蓝色,青色,黄色和粉红色为主!营造一个全新的Summer Tooth fairy.
Based on the character of the Tooth Fairy in Rise of the Guardians, the makeup artist deftly used the myriad of the colors of Summer, with Ocean Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink to create a vibrant Summer Tooth Fairy.




1st Runner-Up - Low Wai Ket

(E. Vogue Hair & Beauty Academy)

美 女与野兽之夏日玫瑰。美女与野兽,这个经典传奇的爱情故事,单纯而愿意为对方付出,甚至以生命为代价,也毫不畏惧的真爱。玫瑰总是在故事里扮 演着重要的角色,就好比迪士尼版本中玫瑰花瓣代表着野兽的生命。每一片花瓣的掉落,隐含着王子生命慢慢的逝去。我以此题,利用花瓣心形为图案,表征野兽 王子不惜以生命,至死不渝的深爱着女主角贝尔。夏天,代表贝尔的开朗与活力。整体造型以红色系列为主调,拒绝其他色彩是想以最
Beauty and The Beast - Summer Rose.  The classic tale of Beauty and The Beast portrays unconditional love, giving and sacrifice, a true love without fear.  In the Disney's story, the rose has appeared several times, and the petals represent the life of the beast.  Every time when a petal falls, it signifies decay and that the Prince is gradually dying.  I use this idea and create heartshapes petals to represent The Beast's unrelenting desire to keep on loving Belle.  Summer brings out Belle's cheerfulness and vitality.  To make it technically challenging, the reflection of the dash of red with shades of the same color is the effect to look for.  This will enhance the creativity.  In the use of colors, there will be white, pink and rose for a complete mix.  White represents pure, pink for adoration and rose adds the lightheartedness and joy of a young girl.

2nd Runner-Up - Ong Kar Bee

(Artistic Makeup Academy)

这次的造型我以王后作为主题,我的主色采用了金色青色和蓝色,金色能让人感觉高贵,能起到辉煌的作用,而青色则代表着清脆不张扬,伶俐而不圆滑!This time I will use the character of a Queen as the focus.  I will use mainly colors such as gold, green and blue.  Gold will enhance the quality of elegance and brings out the glory.  Green represents youth yet not overbearing, clever but not sleek.





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